“The only way to live is to accept each minute as an unrepeatable miracle, which is exactly what it is: a miracle and unrepeatable”

~ Margaret Jameson.

If you’ve read the about me page, you already know that I have always been fascinated with capturing miraculous moments with my camera.  I do this with an intense sense of presence and gratitude.

Meet my greatest inspiration… a beautiful, resilient and spunky little girl with old lady glasses.

Allow me to elaborate…

The most miraculous moment in my life is undoubtedly the birth of my daughter.  Seeing her beautiful little face and tiny hand sticking out of her swaddle was unequivocally a miracle… I felt honored to be part of her journey and to have her in mine.  Laying on the operating table, I obviously didn’t have my camera but the grace, beauty and miracle I experienced that moment will never leave my memory, my heart or my spirit.

At the hospital, the doctors couldn’t find a red eye reflex in her left eye so we consulted with a pediatric ophthalmologist.  At the consult, the Dr. informed my husband and I that our daughter has a dense cataract in her left eye.  The Dr. then dispensed a heavy dose of reality to my husband and I.  He told us that she is legally bind in that eye, she needs surgery very soon to extract her lens, we have a life long road ahead of us in managing her vision and that 20/80 vision is the best we can hope for.  I remember feeling like the weight of the world was dropped on our shoulders… this is her vision we’re talking about… one of her biggest sensory inputs… but we did what we must.  At the fragile age of 5 weeks, she had surgery and the cataract was removed.  Since then, she’s been wearing a special contact lens for vision correction, been patched regularly and recently started wearing bi-focal glasses.  With her resilience and grace… our diligence and love… and the support from family, friends and the universe…  her vision was 20/20 at her last check up.  If that’s not a miracle I don’t know what is.

I share this with you because it is part of my journey.  Through months of reflection and self development work, I’ve come to realize that it is not only part of my journey… it’s perhaps my calling… my purpose.

My purpose is to help people see the beauty all around them.

I am honored to do this in many forms:

Literally… by physically putting a contact lens into my infant/toddler’s eye, patching her, cleaning her glasses etc

Creatively… by capturing and sharing photographs of the beauty and grace that I am privileged to witness

Kindly… by donating some of my photographs locally and a portion of sales to the World Health Organization’s Vision 2020 global initiative.

Thank you again for your interest in my story and photographs.

May you always be present to witness the beauty all around you.

With love,