May these Photographs bring you Stillness, Serenity and Joy.

Taking photos is meditative to me and before I take a picture of anything, I see it first… I mean really see it!  Everything wants to be seen.  Its’ energy manifested in this specific form here and now so that it may uniquely shine and radiate in a way only it can.  When this radiance is perceived and acknowledged by another, a connection is made… a deep soul level connection that satisfies a need that’s at the very essence of being… a need to belong, to connect and be loved.

So before I snap a picture of anything, I acknowledge its presence, wholeness, divinity, perfection… and in doing so I recognize my own.

When you look at these photos, please slow down, take a deep breath, open your eyes and take in each miracle. Then, close your eyes and see its reflection and resonance deep down in your soul.

Please check back often as upload more images often.